'd u s t   i n   t h e   s u n l i g h t'
a   d e s i r e   t o   c r e a t e   m y s t e r y   &   m a g i c

Navigating the course of visionary fantasy, 'dust in the sunlight' reflects a dreamlike frame of mind.

Soothing putty beiges are placed alongside stone greys and collide with an array of lavish, duochrome print. Soft hues lend a sense of romance to the collection that is otherwise rooted in a trance-like spell.

This fusion of style and trend forecasting has been my signature. I have chosen stunning silks and other beautiful fabrics from around the world. Delicate detailing is juxtaposed with technical attention to end use. I aimed to signal a fresh approach to Spring fashion with a renewed appreciation for ornate workmanship, complex finishes and refined glamour. 

Dreamlike references are evident with exquisite folding, puff sleeves and shredded tee’s promoting a shower of opulence in each ensemble. This is a thought provoking collection that is set to challenge the status quo for Spring 2011.


[window] with a view

This week, stores across Australia receive a taste of USCARI’s dream-infused Spring Collection. Inspired by this welcomed seasonal change, I dreamt up a new facelift for our flagship boutique. Winter’s dark ochre silks and woolen spun knits were introduced to Spring’s fresh duo-chrome print through exquisite bindings, draping dresses and shredded tee’s.

This story of darkness-into-light has been retold through the window-dressing which serves as a visual fantasy, reflecting a dreamlike state of mind. Mannequins are spun in the season’s signature print and ornate copper pipes connect a cobweb of fabrics for a provocative backdrop.

Overall, was a dreamy afternoon spent with my amazing staff, conjuring up some spellbinding effects to launch a shower of opulence that is USCARI’s Spring range –Dust in the Sunlight.


:: aesthetic visualisation of the mind ::

Working on the store windows for 'Dust in the Sunlight' my Spring 2011 Collection. 
This collection uses guilded imagery of a daydream that seek to navigate the course of visionary fantasy. In effect turning dreams into reality and the windows need to reflect this. 

I am dressing a mannequin in my mesh signature print and creating a type of webbing with ripped fabrics that give a raw effect that compliments this Spring range. Dabbling with a touch of copper and using the stunning over sized jewellery (made by Maxine Parkin-Jones for this year's RAFW debut show) this will all tell the story of Spring to USCARI.


'live each moment
without hesitation'

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