just another/
                                                   drop in the ocean}

"It is another drop in the large ocean of fashion designer stores but 
we think of our store as another star in the sky."

Featuring an industrial feel that boats personality and style Uscari opened its first concept store in the Sydney CBD.

The store design retains a certain restrained elegance, with minimal but impeccable detail. The few raw materials used, FC board, brick and galvanized metal tube, are inserted in unexpected ways to create an edgy space where the juxtaposition of soft fabrics seems only natural. The strong geometric elements are echoed throughout the store and resemble dangerous shards of broken mirror or a sharp lapel. The lighting creates a dramatic catwalk theatre effect accentuating the strong textural differences.

With aluminum pipes constructed as unique racks and large box lights setting the mood of an industrial loft this is a trend setting store set to capture the hearts of all those fashion savvy Uscari lovers.

Designed by Greg Natali Design working alongside Uscari's designer Krystel Davis the store is situated on Level 1 in the Mid City Centre, Pitt Street Sydney.