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:: garage sale ::

USCARI created a fashion storm in Bondi a few Sundays ago –April 10th. It rained fashionable trinkets and treasures from all corners of the world.

There was a squall as the crowds saw the blizzard of unique-one-off’s for purchase designed by the creators of USCARI (Krystel Davis) and TIGERLILY (Amelia Stanley). This fashion pack also included the likes of stylist Ainsley Hansen and photographer Carlo Monaghan. It hailed street chic collections as cash sales in clothing, accessories and surf prints created a whirlwind success. A huge thanks to all you dust devils that made it the best garage sale trail of the year!


Rebelliousness and protestation will become second nature and a new way of life in this dark and ominous time as the Winter 2011 Collection is presented. 

This is a mysterious and sombre story that is waiting to be told. It is one that sees a military assualt unit be born into this mechanical world. She is trained to operate quickly and aggressively in especially urgent, threatening situations.

She celebrates the spirit of the sacrificial armed combatant. Confronted by her innate army, fearless of risk and inspired by struggle. Victory will be determined by her brave vision, and survival will dawn through her merciless moral fabric. 

She stands tranquil, awaiting the expedition of her fate. Threatened by nothing, the glorious conclusion will showcase a match of honour. 

This shoot uses Annabella Barber who was absolutely amazing. It was an intense full day of shooting. I was busy dying head bands, ripping fabrics used within the collection and hiring costume pieces from the Ben Hur project. The incredible make up was done by Sarah Laidlaw and she greased Annabella's body completely. Styling by Ainsley Hansen is impeccible & the photography by Jason Ierace speaks for itself. Inspired by a military assault combat this collection is tough yet sexy and allows a bold look, full of attitude for the Winter season ahead.


:: hong kong/china ::
march 2011

My latest trip in March 2011 to Hong Kong & China was in preparation for all things leading up to the frantic event called Fashion Week. This trip was quick and I was literally in and out. Hong Kong was first on the agenda. A visit to my silk supplier and printer to check the print was all completed and fine to start production. A visit to the sample rooms to make sure all samples are ok and approved and fit ready for the show. A quick look around the fabric markets to grab pieces for the next collection...Winter 2012! 

Lunch on the street in Hong Kong

A fruit street stall in Times Square Hong Kong

China was a little more hectic, approving catalogues and making sure all fabrics were confirmed and ordered. Fitting samples and finalising everything to be sent to Australia for the big show.

Night Markets

 Start from Zero...

Another market stall