drawing files
art on the streets of NY city

the city of new york is an open canvas for artists to spray, stencil, sticker and paint. 

 new hybrids, new technologies and new mediums are expanding the definition of public and 
urban art on the streets; vying for the attention of passers-by... who just so happened to be me. 
I captured some of this art while on my latest trip to new york and this is art that can be enjoyed by all.

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new york
...through my lens...

My latest trip overseas for work lead me to new york city to check out the latest trade shows and fashion within this lively city. 
These are a few images that I took while walking or should I say trekking the streets of new york. 
There are interesting pieces of art, people and buildings. It is an incredible place that truly never sleeps.

This is a place full of vibrance and bustling energy, it is an inspiration as a designer. 
This city plays host to the most influential American designers of our time. 
The diverse assortment of neighborhoods are filled with trendy department stores, 
one-off boutiques and slick designer fashions, each catering to a unique retail audience. 


...these are a few pics taken while seeking inspirations in new york, these are people in the streets, bars and a few friends in there too, such an incredible place buzzing with atmosphere it really is hard to tire in a city that just never sleeps.


the amazing uscari flagship store launch
{in conjunction with vogue's fashion night out}
the in-store installations

{these pieces of art were created as part of the spring summer windows for the store. 
these were put together by myself and my amazing stylist ainsley whose ideas are phenomenal.}

the overwhelming turnout
{thanks to each and every one of you who attended i am truly grateful}

 josh flinn
{ the fabulous josh flinn who is mentor on Australia's Next Top Model 
poses with our live mannequins in the store windows.}

- me & the stunning models -
{ love this pic, me with the over styled mannequins 
wearing all my designs and looking incredible }

I always find, when travelling you not only meet some incredible people, see some breath-taking sights and explore but you get a real perspective on reality and you discover not only the world but who you really are.


     > by emmanuel alt = incredible & inspirational
Vogue Paris' Vogue Paris' commando shoot is up there with one of my favourites. Beaming with a strong personality for a studio shoot this just jumps out from the page. It is fierce with attitude and the detailing in this clothing leaves me in awe.
It is tough although incredibly sexy and styled to immaculate perfection. Emmanuel Alt you are a genius!

This is a story that depicts a tale of wild hearts.

Each and every one of these 'Wild Hearts' are designed and hand crafted individually by Maxine Parkin-Jones an incredible artist who just so happens to be my god mother.
Every collection I design, I brief Max and present my story that will be told. From this, she creates incredible one off pieces of jewellery for Uscari. It is an incredible experience working with someone so incredibly talented. She is my inspiration.

Natural bone pigments are fused with hints of rusted browns for a 'barely there' use of colour. This raw feel is accentuated through the use of rough-cut hardware detailing. 


Uscari's collection that is in stores now is entitled An Unknown Silence. This collection explores a new dimension through the use of detailed fabrications and their unique textures. With unique fabrics hand picked from all over the globe, this collection is an archive of inspiration.

'An Unknown Silence' depicts a story of a voyage.
Highlighting an affiliation to ancient times and native cultures, breaking traditional barriers.