a. mechanical 

Adding a new dimension to the world of fashion, this is an incredible new phenomenon of mechanical luxury. Designers are reinterpreting couture as a hybrid of both mechanized processes and customized craftsmanship. 

Fashion designer Iris van Herpen is making waves as part of the new generation of couture designers. Iris manipulates materials into structural explorations with a level of precision and engineering know-how rarely seen in fashion today. It is making fashion a sculptural art form.

Van Herpen collaborated with .MGX by Materialise and artist Daniel Widrig to create 3-D printed clothes. This throws the concept of traditional sewing and construction into disarray. With digitally aided design, any combination of forms, angles and structures could potentially be created without the constraints of handmade processes.

Nostalgic aesthetics contrast with the macabre nature of mummification. Intricate lacework imitates ancient wrapping techniques to create dynamic silhouettes. Metal wire and corsetry shapes spherical overcoats, halter dresses and skirts. The gold, bronze, cream and old rose leather garments are embellished with gold foil, split pins, and motor ball chains. Each piece illustrates van Herpen’s calibre for couture.