sequence of. light
 :: take  a  look  behind  the  scenes ::

In my latest shoot for Summer 2012 I really wanted to push boundaries as this is the staple collection that was to showcase at RAFW this year. This collection sees reality  contrasted with the world of the mind. Reflections of the subconscience have characterised the design influence, in turn creating pieces with a 'so called' spellbound effect. 
An incubation of soft-hues allow me to cultivate the notion of divination through dreams. This sensation cast by such colours predict the images and ideas associated with the stir of summer.

Dreams are a ceremony of an outer body experience and this collection ignites this by inviting you to be dressed in your own realm of freedom. I have endeavored to highlight the stages of such reverie through blends of blush peach, delicate print and a play with opacity. 
Forms take their own shape as I continue to explore the succession of residual dream feelings. Dresses float with chiffons and silks, singlets are bound in broken stretch cotton, and trousers are detailed in gold leaf effect. Layering’s of mesh upon open knit weaves stimulate the idea of existence through imagination.

The rebirthing of what is abstract and what is real is brought to life through this bewitchingly enchanted collection, Sequence of Light for Summer 2011/12.

Thanks to our amazing team; 
On camera: Mitch Tomlinson from lifewithoutandy
Posing: Lauren Rippingham from Priscillas
Bringing this all to life: Lores Giglio
The Outfits: Krystel Davis
Superstylin: Ainsley Hansen