[window] with a view

This week, stores across Australia receive a taste of USCARI’s dream-infused Spring Collection. Inspired by this welcomed seasonal change, I dreamt up a new facelift for our flagship boutique. Winter’s dark ochre silks and woolen spun knits were introduced to Spring’s fresh duo-chrome print through exquisite bindings, draping dresses and shredded tee’s.

This story of darkness-into-light has been retold through the window-dressing which serves as a visual fantasy, reflecting a dreamlike state of mind. Mannequins are spun in the season’s signature print and ornate copper pipes connect a cobweb of fabrics for a provocative backdrop.

Overall, was a dreamy afternoon spent with my amazing staff, conjuring up some spellbinding effects to launch a shower of opulence that is USCARI’s Spring range –Dust in the Sunlight.